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Histories – Real & Imagined

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S1E2 – Histories – Real and Imagined
byRishi Diwan and Navin Sigamany

Episode Notes

Part 1: Navin on the many versions of the founding tale of Hyderabad and how the versions don’t all agree

Diversion 1: Rishi introduces to some fun, archaic words he recently learnt

Part 2: Rishi on the Watchmen graphic novel and TV series and how they use history (no spoilers!)

Diversion 2: Navin reads us a poem!


Useful Links

The Hyderabad Walking Company:

The Qutb Shahi Tombs:

Dumfungled (and other fun words):


A Fandom Timeline of the Watchmen Universe: (Spoilers!)

Marc Bernardin Interviews Damon Lindelof (creator of the Watchmen TV Series) (Spoilers!)

(Extra!) A study of the Watchmen Film: (Spoilers for the novel/ film)

More of Navin’s angsty poems to read:

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Loved and enjoyed the episode. 😊congrats Hrishi and Navin. All the time I kept on remembering Hrishi’s childhood poem on history. It goes like this…. the subject of history, is more like a mystery, a mystery which can not be solved… don’t remember the fourth line now😄😄.

Hahaha 4th grade poem:


The subject of history
Is more of a mystery
A mystery that can’t be solved
A truth that must be sought,
A gift that must be bought…
Bought from the past,
By the present,
For the future.”

– Rishi

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