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Adieu, Facebook!

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S1E7 – Adieu, Facebook!
byRishi Diwan and Navin Sigamany

Episode Notes

Main Topic: Rishi on why and how he ‘quit’ Facebook a year and a month ago and how that has gone

Diversion: Navin talks about knocking people up (!)

Useful Links

Facebook admits to Cambridge Analytica problems:

Did Facebook learn anything from the Cambridge Analytica problems:

An in-depth piece from Wired on Facebook’s horrible 2018 from early 2019:

Facebook’s Trust Problem:

How to set all past posts on your timeline so they’re private:

Deactivating/ Deleting your Facebook Account:

Counterpoint: Stay on Facebook but make it useful!

Rishi’s Final Post to his Facebook Timeline:

Knocker Uppers Defined:

A BBC Feature on Knocker-Uppers:

Life of a Knocker Upper:

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