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Vegetarianism – An Internal Dilemma

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S1E8 – Vegetarianism
byRishi Diwan and Navin Sigamany

Episode Notes

Main Topic: Navin on his internal dilemma with environmental vegetarianism

Diversion: Rishi on why we say See Saw and never Saw See (Ablaut Reduplication)

Useful Links

Environmental Vegetarianism:


The merits of giving up meat for Lent:

Food Walk with Navin (part of The Hyderabad Walking Company):

Are human beings truly ‘designed’ to be meat eaters? (TL;DR – No!)

The Next Dilemma? Vegetarianism vs Veganism:

The Tweet That Sent Rishi Down a Linguistic Rabbit Hole:

Ablaut Reduplication:

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Cover art photo (c) by Navin Sigamany

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